The Sekondi Hasaacas Football Club Guide is to contribute to the advancement of football in the region, ensuring the youths get the best foundation for the future. 

Sekondi Hasaacas Football Club will be releasing the first of it kind Club Management Guide which will be assisting the Club’s Management and its hardworking Volunteers.

Connect With Hasmal

Management and Volunteers of Hasmal will lean on the Management Guide to perform their tasks.

The document will be made public in a Portable Document Format(PDF) for downloads on the Club’s Website and brochures will be left at places the Club deem vantage.

The Club Management Guide contains;

  1. An overview of the Club’s History.
  2. Achievement in both the Male and Female teams.
  3. The Complete Brand of Sekondi Hasaacas Football Club is well explained.
  4. The mission, vision, philosophy and strategic plans of the Club are well explained.
  5. Management Team of the Club.
  6. Opportunities in the Club.
  7. Infrastructures and plans to improve them and timelines.
  8. And many others.

Hasmal has since 1931, April 1 held the mantle as the leading professional Club in the Western Region and the move is to ensure the brand is well explained to the Club’s Supporters(Council) and the general Ghanaian public.