There was no need to mock Hearts of Oak, the Club was in a trial time and everything else affirmed that the club needed help administratively to bounce to their essentials – it was one of the most memorable days at the Sekondi Gyandu Park.

It’s official, we welcome Hearts of Oak to the Sekondi Gyandu Park on Sunday February 3, 2019 and Club Writer, George Nitro Duah chose this way to announce the game. Though this article might awkwardly undulate the eardrums of many Phobians but it serves a peach for some and the history of our beautiful game.

Hearts of Oak finished 4th on the league log that season, 1988-89, 8 places above Hasaacas FC – but that day at the Gyandu Park, the Phobians sold something they’ll move heaven and earth to erase from Ghana Football History and still cannot.

The Accra based side turned up with two separate set of teams at the Gyandu Park – funny isn’t it – there was the ‘Gallant 14’ and the ‘Regular Team’.

The directors of Hearts of Oak had taken over and could recruit 14 players for league games against RTU and Hasaacas due to a protracted case in court which led to the appointment of Lt. Col. Akai Nettey, who was a member of the GFA as the sole administrator. The directors didn’t oblige and informed the formation of the ‘Gallant 14’.

Here is how Ken Bediako recounted the situation in his book titled The Complete History of the Ghana Football League 1958-2012.

“In another league match against Hasaacas in Sekondi, two Hearts teams showed up; the directors’ so called ‘Gallant 14’, and a team representing the regular playing body, led by Santrofie Acquah, the prolific dribbler.

“There was pandemonium at the Gyandu Park and play was delayed for nearly one hour before security men physically bundled out the regular squad from the park. Poor visibility disrupted the match which ended in a goalless draw. A replay was later ordered and Hearts lost 2-3 to Hasaacas”.

There are trial times in life, it’s not always that smooth – Ghana Football is enduring similar at this state.

We welcome Hearts of Oak to the Gyandu Park on Sunday, February 3, 2019 and it promises to be more exciting and entertaining – lets do it big again for Ghana Football.