For Sanah to make his debut in the first team, the kid, as he began to openly criticize and bark instructions at the adults around him. From a family who are already staunchly throwing everything out for Hasmal, it was far too obvious the desire to put everything on the line for the club.

The first team players were stunned at the desire Ibrahim Sanah showed. The game was just a casual five side-five side game. Nothing at stake to tussle for and nothing to get too worked up about. They couldn’t believe the kid’s cheek and he really won them over.

Ibrahim Sanah Mohammed against Skyy FC

Ibrahim Sanah Mohammed against Skyy FC

Once Ibrahim Sanah Mohammed stepped on to the training pitch, he became hard to ignore. Sanah was one of the Malavands(Hasmal team B) players who earned promotion to the 2016-17 season of the Division One League.

It was too difficult to have his way to the starting team and had to bid his time from the bench, he had 17 games, mostly starting from the bench.

2018 was just not the year for Ibrahim Sanah Mohammed, an injury suffered in February 2018 preparatory game against Karela United forced him off the field and missed the abrupt 2017-18 league, he came back nearly 356 days fresher than before in a 1-0 victory against Rail Stars ahead of the Normalization Committee’s Special Tournament.

The NC Special was perhaps Sanah‘s biggest test and what led it was pure individual brilliance, the central midfielder showed class in all the games played, carving incredible performances to lit up the venues.

There were some outstanding balance of incredible displays and the otherwise. Youngsters such as; goalkeeper Michael Kwofie, debut man Eric Quarshie, left back Daniel Egyin, forwards Obed Asamoah Ackah, Philip Flamini and Emmanuel Ebahoah have gazumped opponents with fine displays led by the promptings of Ibrahim Sanah Mohammed, undoubtedly leading the numbers game of this tournament.

The applauds, well deserved complements keep making way to the doorstep of the 19-year-old, Ibrahim Sanah Mohammed as he kept his form dazzling through midfielders, coupling it with his apt passing accuracy.

His 186cm height and weight of 76KG gives him an advantage to boss out opponents in the middle aerially.

The Malavands midfielder’s innate desire to win and lift the performances of all those around him is another character he has to hold firm to his chest. After 3 season in the first team, Sanah is awarded the 4th captain position at Hasmal.

Ibrahim Sanah Mohammed against Nzema Kotoko

Ibrahim Sanah has contributed 5 goals and 2 assists at the central defensive position and leads Hasmal’s numbers game.

Sanah tipped off right, he slotted in an 82nd minute equalizer at Swedru against Swedru All Blacks, he was picked up nicely at the edge of the penalty box by Thomas Aboagye and Sanah curled a stunner to the left corner to put Hasmal 1-1.

His best game in the tournament was against Nzema Kotoko on match day 5, incredibly Sanah scored 2 free kicks at either half of the game, his second perhaps the most outstanding at the 87th minute was the magic for the 2-1 win. He turned up and rolled his sleeves, and burnt one to the top left corner.

Against Star Madrid, Ibrahim Sanah showed up once again in style to produce the only goal of the game. Purely magically and sensational from Sanah, his box to box aggression well manifested in that game.

Sanah will show up when the table seems to have turned on its head, against Proud United in the reverse fixture with barely 2 more minutes of the 6 minutes additional time left to do, Sanah struck another volley to snatch all the 3 points and queued delirium at the Gyandu Park.