We have been told to put our shoes on our heads – “ami amor” was our responds as we narrowly gifted a 2-1 results to Nzema Kotoko and Skyy FC….

Mayhaps a chance to turn it around and that opens up our preview for our penultimate game.

Hasaacas finished up touches on Friday, May 17 ahead of our penultimate game in the Normalization Committee’s Special tournament with Unistar Academy.

Where and When?

The match kicks off at the traditional 3:00pm at the Unistar Academy Park, Kasoa and after a 1-1 draw in the first leg at the Gyandu Park, Hasmal have the chance to return to winning ways after double 2-1 results preceding this one.

The only avenue to follow this game is via our Twitter feed(@SekHasaacas) as we give minute by minute update on the game.

Last Time Out

David Nyankum powered in his first of the Normalization Committee’s Special tournament against Skyy FC, but that wasn’t enough leading to a 2-1 defeat to the Daboase side.

Unistar Academy didn’t turn up for their game against Nzema Kotoko, that means the later will further up the points difference and blows wide the points gap to 6.

Authorities will have to look at situations where clubs have missed games that have influence on the league log.

Team News

Goalkeeper Anthony Brebo and skipper Thomas Aboagye continue to be the only players out due to injury.