Winger Philip Flamini and Goalkeeper John Arthur Kassilas have made quick return to training ahead of Venomous Vipers’ visit on Sunday, May 5.

Ahead of our game day 9 encounter against Venomous Vipers at the Gyandu Park, our squad list is boosted by the return of Flamini and Kassilas.

The duo joined their mates to train on Tuesday, April 30, as the team worked on their endurance at the Last Hour Beach.

Flamini suffered a meniscus tear in our 2-1 win against Nzema Kotoko and was scheduled to return in a month’s time, but after 18 days, the winger is now up and running ready for battle.

John Arthur Kassilas who was in poles for our first 2 games against All Blacks and Unistar Academy had to sit out due to injury, he’s now back to training.

Hasmal will play host to Venomous Vipers at the Gyandu Park on Sunday, May 5.

Welcome back, all at Hasmal wish you the best of luck.

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