Center Back Patrick Eshun has returned to the starting eleven alongside, Emmanuel Ebahoah, Yahaya Seidu Pelpuo and Joseph Dinku.

It’s another top hurdle away to Unistar Soccer Academy and we are up for it. Kick off is exactly 3:00pm.

Line Up

22. Michael kwofie
39. Adabaji Asare
5. Yahaya Seidu Pelpul
14. Patrick Eshun
19. William Enchil
15. Joseph Dinku
18. Mohammed Sanah Ibrahim
10. Isaac Mensah
15. John Koomson
35. Emmanuel Ebahoah
13. David Nyankum

1. John K Arthur
8. Jay Asamoah Kola
24. Philip Flamini
38. Eric Quashie
7. Obed Asamoah Ackah
4. Theophilus Awortwe
Edmund Ampofo

Expectations and strategy.

Yahaya Seidu Pelpuo will be on the left flank of the defense, for the first time in this tournament following injuries to Daniel Egyin, Albert Adjei and Ekow Eshun.

Ibrahim Sanah will sit in front of Joseph Dinku in the middle and John Koomson and Isaac Mensah operating on the flanks.

Emmanuel Ebahoah and David Nyankum will be the two men upfront.