We have barely 24 more hours to kick off of match day 3 game against Skyy FC at the St. Martin’s Park, Daboase.

With two drawn games heading into match day 3, there’s everything to play for against an opponent approaching this game with 1 point from 2 games, the stakes are even higher here.

And the manager, Coach Joseph Agyemang Jnr has been speaking exclusively to the club media ahead of the game.

Q1] Lets look back to the Unistar game. What lessons can be learned from that – what areas needs improvement in our forthcoming match?

“Unistar Academy were aggressive, tough and organized in their defense. Their recovery rate was very nice. Areas like inability to score early goal. We have conceded first in our previous two games and that is something we need to work on going into the Skyy FC game”

Q2] Skyy Fc lost and will be firing up in GFASC match day 3, what sort of game do you expect?

“Their[Skyy FC] defeat to Nzema Kotoko make this game even tougher, it’s their first home game and it’s another reason we have to prepare our players well for this game. We don’t need to rush, they will want to impress their fans. We need to be calm and take our chances.”

Q3] Will you make changes to your line-up?

“Yes, there will be some changes, it’s about the organization, we will make certain changes because of the game plan we want to approach this game with. It won’t be too many, but surely there will be some changes”

Q4] How do you feel returning to Daboase – are you expecting a fair match?

“As a coach, there are memories I carry into games based on the previous encounters. At Daboase, what happened the last time shouldn’t repeat, I believe it will be a fair game, good officiating and the better team will win and we all enjoy”

Outs and Doubts.

Center back Yahaya Seidu Pelpuo and Goalkeeper John Arthur Kassilas are the two players out of this game, the remaining 28 players are available for selection.