Sekondi Hasaasac Football Club
Sekondi Hasaacas Football Club

Sekondi Hasaacas FC

Sekondi Hasaacas Football Club is a Ghanaian professional association football club based in Sekondi-Takoradi. The club won the Ghana Premier League in 1977 and is currently participating in the Division One League following relegation from the 2015-16 Ghana Premier League.The side is the most followed football club in the Western Region, a region of almost 4 million population and is nicknamed Hasmal which comes with the response ‘We Go Doo’. The support base of the club is referred to as Council and is the only club that has found its own way of celebrating when a goal is scored by replacing the popular shout of ‘gooal’ with ‘Dooo’.


  • Established in – 1st April, 1931
  • Club President – Nana Bayin Eyeson
  • Club Chairman – Samuel Arbuah
  • League – Division One
  • Location – Sekondi-Takoradi

The club was formed in 1931 and was previously a member of the Ghana Telecom Premier League. After twenty years in the Globacom Premier League, the club was relegated to the Poly Tank Division One League in 2010.

Affectionately referred to as the ‘Giants of the West’, an accolade it acquired after being the only Ghanaian team to hold the dreaded Fortuna Düsseldorf to a pulsating 3- 3 draw during a tour of West Africa by the German side in August 1959, the team had been the Oil City’s only participant in the top flight Ghanaian Premiership for over a decade from the mid 1996/97 football season till our unfortunate relegation to Division One in the 2009/2010 league season.

The club, Sekondi Hasaacas, has a very rich history, producing four (4) captains for the senior national team (the Black Stars) and contributed as many as five (5) players to the squad that won the 1982 African Cup of Nations in Tripoli, Libya.The supporters group of Sekondi Hasaacas FC are known as (Councils) are in hundreds of thousands across the region and keenly follow the progress of the club at all levels. The club has a mid profile but a reputation for killing giants. Hence it has admirers and sympathizers’ country wide, indeed many football fans have made Sekondi Hasaacas their second club of choice to support.

The foundation of Sekondi Hasaacas Football was courtesy six railway workers. The name Hasaacas came from some individuals who were Railway workers here in Sekondi-Takoradi in the early 1930’s.They decided to use the first letters of their names to form the name of the club., thus “H.A.S.A.A.C.A.S”,namely Hammond,Amua Sakyi, Adotei, Allotey, Cann, Adotey and Sackey, forming the club Hasaacas in 1931.

Most of them were Supporters of Accra Hearts of Oak but migrated to Sekondi-Takoradi mainly because of the Railway work. Amoah Sakyi was a High Court Judge and was named as the Club Board Secretary. Cann was also a Lawyer by Profession.

The name later became Sekondi Hasaacas because the team was based here in Sekondi and they decided to use the Rainbow colors as its original colors because most of the founding members were Supporters of Accra Hearts of Oak, but after some years they decided to change the colors because it was clashing with the Jersey of Accra Hearts of Oak, who first started using the Rainbow Colors. Hasaacas then decided to use the White, Green and Red as its new colours.

Sekondi Hasaacas Football Club in June 2003 added to its file an Academy and, for the first time in history, a ladies team, the Hasaacas Ladies Football Club.

The Academy was divided by age into division for under-12, -14 and -17 years, to help nurture young talents to be groomed into world class footballers in the Oil city of Western Region.

Later in 2009, the talented group of under-17 players was promoted to the Malavands Football Club, (the reserve side) of the mainstream Hasaacas Football Club to participate in the Division Three League.

The Malavands team qualified that same year to play in the Division Two league for the 2010 season, and have proved to be formidable in the 2nd division.

Thus, HASMAL represents the total Secondi Hasaacas family, the mainstream team, the ladies team, Malavands and the Hasaacas Academy.

The bright green, white and red flag of the club and the ball-headed giant logo is very appealing to the large bands of fans and supporters of the club.